Snaptube Mod APK is an app that can download videos, audio, and different kinds of music into your phone. It is free of cost and has no limit to downloading audio, videos, and songs. We can download videos, music, and audio from over 50+ platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Snaptube is an all-in-one solution for downloading media files for free. overview it is one of the best app in the world to download videos, audio and music in HD and 4k quality. It is the latest version of Snaptube in which you can easily download videos, audio, and music according to your needs. It can also allow the user to download videos and audios from iOS device.

Snaptube Mod APK

Snaptube MOD APK Info

Features of Snaptube

Video Downloader

This is the latest version of Snaptube. You can download many popular social media platforms like You tube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Users can access a large number of videos and music from these platforms.

Status Saver

Snaptube can also save WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram statuses in HD quality on a single click and without any problem.

Quality of Videos

Here this app can provide you with 144p, 720p 1080p, 4k, and HD-quality video downloads. You can download audio videos and music according to the quantity of your device.

Fast and Reliable

It is very fast as it can download videos very fast as compared to others. it is also very reliable as it can handle its progress even on a slow network.

Powerful Search Function

This version of Snaptube also  provides a powerful search function that enables users to quickly find a specific video or music.

Snaptube APK Download Unlimited Videos

Snaptube allows the user to download unlimited videos, audio, and music. There is no limit to download the video. You can download unlimited videos according to your needs.

Ad Free

Ads after every few minutes feels very hesitating. In this modified version there is only one time add and then this is ad free  and you can download unlimited videos without any ad and without any hesitation.

Offline Feature

Taking your entertainment offline. After downloading video, and audio you can enjoy it offline without an internet connection.

Recover Deleted Files

Sometimes your favorite downloaded videos and photos are deleted by mistake and you worry about how you restore your video or photo. Here Snaptube modified version provides you a feature in which you can recover your deleted videos and photos with one click.        

Dark Mode Option

Many people use Snaptube late at night but they are very conscious about their eye protection and care so the Snap tube provides a dark mode option for the user so they can easily use and enjoy videos and music late at night.


  • User friendly interface
  • Wide range of downloading audios and videos
  • High quality video downloader
  • Open blocked websites


  • Watermark on free version
  • Not available on play store

Some people think that the modded version of Snaptube is harmful as we can install it on our devices. It can hack our data and steal our private things from our devices. We assure you that it is not harmful as it can not allow 3rd party activity so it can not harm your device and it is safe for your device.

Yes, The modified version of Snaptube on our website is totally free of cost lifetime.

YES, Snaptube is completely legal but make sure that it should be used for personal purposes only. 

If you watch videos on Snaptube without login your watch history data is saved on the device and can be viewed offline by anyone who can open Snaptube on this device. if you watch videos after login then your watch videos history will only be seen in the cloud which is accessible through this device.

On condition that your Snaptube is not working properly, first open the app setting and force stop. If it does not work clear the cache and date. If this method is not working then uninstall the Snaptube app and download the latest version of the Snaptube from the

 YES, you can download the Snaptube on your PC by using an Android emulator and game loop.

YES, Snaptube mod APK is safe for privacy as it can build reliable security and protect your information.

This is because Google does not allow you to download YouTube videos. YouTube has its own feature for downloading videos but it will not come to your gallery; it is only on YouTube and you can watch downloaded videos offline.

Snaptube mod APK v7.05 is the latest version of the Snaptube. It has many update features as compared to the others. If you want to get benefit from Snaptube then download it and install it on your device. Share this with your family and friends. Also, let us know with a sweet comment which features this modded app you like the most. Lastly, thanks for visiting our website.